The need to move

13220575_10154206908649345_6153058951171844569_oIn the past month my little wonderful two year-old has been more two than wonderful.  Having a new little sister arrive has undoubtedly been influencing some of his behaviors, but I also think he has just hit a stage of development were he has a deep need for lots of large motor movement.  After I had a couple rough days in a row with him, I spent an evening trying to “get curious, not furious” (as a mentor of mine, John Sommers-Flannagan, once said).

I do this often with my son when I feel like we have come to a “stuck” place in our relationship (or in my parenting).  It’s about reflecting and trying to think through what common factors seems to be related to the troubled situations, and what I haven’t tried yet.  In this case, I started realizing that my son’s challenging behavior was coming on the heels of 1 week sick (& stuck in the house sitting on the couch a lot), and another week of rain (again stuck in the house a lot).

13220699_10154206908579345_1434936265952087414_oSo, we decided to have as much outside and large motor movement activities as possible for the next few days to see if it impacted his behavior.  It did!

We took an afternoon to throw rocks in the river, search for bugs, and chase dogs that were nearby.  It was a blast! AND, he was his best version of himself that afternoon and evening.  So… this was a great reminder for me that kids this age NEED lots of time to move.  We will be continuing to make room for as much outside time as possible!






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  1. Carolyn Minor Avatar
    Carolyn Minor

    E has reached the “I can now run” stage which apparently coincides with the “how to throw a massive tantrum” stage. Any tips, especially for rainy days?

    1. Flora Avatar

      Carolyn! I’m so sorry it’s taken me forever to get back to you! That baby #2 has really done a number on my energy level and ability to do much in the way of this blog.;-)
      Usually tantrums are a way for the child to A)Get what they want (if they have gotten you to change your mind in the past by throwing a tantrum). This is hard, but you definitely never want to give in when they are throwing a tantrum or you are likely to be creating repeat behavior. 2) They are having a big emotion and don’t know how to express it. (ie. if the running/tantrum happens when you are trying to leave the park or put away a toy they really like.) In this case, the best thing is to validate their feelings and keep your line firm. Check out this post. or 3) They are trying out behavior they have seen other kids do (ie. they see other kids run away from their parents and think it’s funny and don’t understand why you don’t find it funny). In this case, best to explain, “We don’t do that in our family. Mommy would like you to come over here when I ask you to. Otherwise, you could be running somewhere that is dangerous, or you might be missing something important Mommy has to tell you” (or something like that).

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