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  • Gardening With Young Children

    Gardening With Young Children

    If you haven’t tried gardening with your children, I really recommend it for a number of reasons. Why garden with your children? 1. Gardening is a great opportunity to BE together. Last year a neighbor of mine said she had looked over into our yard with great affection as she saw me gardening with the…

  • Easy DIY 1 Year-old Bday Cake

    Easy DIY 1 Year-old Bday Cake

    This cake can take as little as 5 minutes to decorate! I am always on the lookout for ideas that are cute and EASY.  Easy is definitely the key word here.   Even with only 1 kid (I know some of you are juggling 2, 3 or more!), I don’t want to spend any more…

  • DIY baby squeeze packs for a 1-year-old

    DIY baby squeeze packs for a 1-year-old

    I know some people roll their eyes at the thought of how much time you must have in order to “waste” some making baby food.  However, I have found it to be the total opposite.  If I take about 2 hours, I can make enough food to last me a month! Now that Chunky Monkey…