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Why “just” a stay-at-home mom?!


When I first published my blog a dear friend emailed me with the subject line, “Bada%s MT Stay at Home Mom”.  “Hi Flora, I am excited to watch your adventures of being a stay at home Mom but as a woman who is learning to give herself some credit in life….I think you should consider my title instead! 🙂  There is nothing “just” about being a stay at home Mom. It’s HARD work. Enjoy it, they grow up way too fast!”

I wrote her back and explained: “I couldn’t agree more!  I am actually reclaiming that phrase in a positive light.  For me, it is a huge thing to sacrifice several other career goals and interests to focus “just”on being a full-time mom right now.  For me, the “just” in not a devaluing statement.  It’s about a journey of mindfulness, as I strive to be fully present for the most important job in my world.  I have my Master’s degree in Counseling and built up a successful counseling practice in my community before having kids.  I was even chosen the 2012 “Young Careerist” by the Bozeman Business and Professional Women.

2012 Bozeman BPW "Young Careerist"

2012 Bozeman BPW “Young Careerist”

However, I consciously chose to close my business to be a full-time mom when I had my first child, and now I’m a mom of 2!  For me, it’s a great privilege to be a full-time mom, AND it is a daily challenge to stay committed to being “just” a stay-at-home mom, because it means putting on hold other parts of my identity (for a short while).  Confession #1: I often miss dressing like a grown-up!:-).  Read more of my confessions here.  Anyway, that’s why I picked the name.

Giving a Workshop

Giving a Workshop when I was “Just” focused on my career.

So, I started blogging as a way to help me enjoy my current job a bit more.  I like sharing the things I am doing as a DIY-er, bargain-hunter, and stay-at-home mom, who is inspired by Montessori and Positive Discipline parenting theories.  Hope you’ll join me on the journey!

I would love to hear from YOU: moms/dads/grandparents/caregivers!


  • Skinny Latte Mommy

    Love this! I am a SAHM currently taking night classes to complete my Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling.

  • Carolyn Minor

    Your work inspires me! The stay at home title was hard to swallow. I appreciate you owning and tackling the name head on.
    Much love,

    • Flora

      That is so sweet of you Carolyn. You are a wonderful at-home mommy too!

  • hammersparklechalk

    Flora – Your blog is so great. I am impressed with your ability to be a present mom everyday.

    • Flora

      Thanks so much. That is sweet of you. Still a work in progress each day.