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  • Hugs, Hugs, Hugs!

    Hugs, Hugs, Hugs!

    In a recent 3-part parenting workshop where I shared Positive Discipline parenting tools, this was one of the biggest hits! The tool is simple – use hugs in difficult moments. Here is 1 mom’s report after our first class where she learned about how to offer your child a hug when they are throwing a…

  • Video Clip – Kindess & Firmness

    Video Clip – Kindess & Firmness

    Last month I had a 3-part Parenting Workshop series on Positive Discipline.  I LOVE the tools of Positive Discipline and encourage parents everywhere to check out their resources.  Click here to visit Positive Discipline You can check out their books here.   Here is a quick tip to be less frustrated/angry when you follow-through.

  • Upcoming Parenting Workshop in Bozeman

    Upcoming Parenting Workshop in Bozeman

    Friends in Bozeman, I would love to see you at my FREE Positive Discipline workshop series, starting next Thur, 9-10am.  All the details are below. The best part: FREE childcare is available! You are welcome to come to just 1 or all 3! Be sure to RSVP via the Bozeman Public Library: 582-2404. Please “share”…

  • How to help a 1-year-old having a tantrum

    How to help a 1-year-old having a tantrum

    I absolutely love Positive Discipline! Click here to visit Positive Discipline.  If you haven’t checked out any of their books or website – do it now! They have the best advice (in my opinion) for how to help behaviors in a  way that is kind AND firm at the same time. Today, I want to…