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  • Ways to involve your toddler in the kitchen

    Ways to involve your toddler in the kitchen

    If your 1-year-old is like mine, they LOVE to be involved with cooking (or anything you are doing in the kitchen)! My Chunky Monkey loves to sweep too.  These are aspects that Montessori calls “Practical Life” lessons.  When a child has ways that they can be involved in the daily activities (cooking and cleaning), they…

  • Practical life: 1-year-old watering

    Practical life: 1-year-old watering

    I’ve decided to start a new trend of sharing “Montessori Monday” blogs. So, here’s the first! Think a 1-year-old is too young to do things like water the plants? Think again. According to Montessori, this is a perfect age to begin what is called “Practical Life” lessons.  In Montessori, there are 4 main avenues of…