Top 5 best things about having a 1-year-old

I’ve recently written about how it can be hard to embrace my job as a stay-at-home mom, ALL the time.  But this week there has had so many wonderful moments in parenting that I thought I’d share my Top 5 favorite things about having a 1-year-old.:-)

#5 –  I have a simplified definition of “clean”.  Before going out on a date last night with my husband, I noticed yogurt smeared on my sweater. Some would call this “dirty”.  Are you kidding? I’d have to change clothes 5 times a day. A few swipes with a wet towel to sort of diminish the smear. yep! Clean. “Ready for our date honey!”

#4 –  No subject is off-limits with friends.  I always vowed to not be “that”  person.  But, I failed.  I suddenly feel perfectly comfortable talking about poop, constipation, weird things that changed with my body after giving birth/nursing. See. I’m even doing it here on the blog. Sheesh!  It’ on my list, though, because it makes me laugh at myself.:-)

#3 –  I go on so many walks.  And walks are a beautiful thing.  I now take at least 1 walk a day (usually), and it is wonderful.  A moment to look around, enjoy the sun and trees.  Why didn’t I do this more before?

#2 –  I always have snacks on hand!  As a person who gets “hangry” (hungry+angry, as my sister-in-law says), it’s so awesome to have a snack to reach for at any time.  Sure, my palate has had to adjust to the finer tastes of plain cheerios and peanut butter bread squares (please sense my sarcasm).  But sometimes I even have access to cantaloupe squares or a fruit smoothy squeeze packet.  Gold mine!

And the #1 best thing about having a 1-year-old

#1 – You can always blame your farts on your child.  “Oh. He must have pooped.  Let me go check.” (*As I giggle in my head, feeling so clever)



What are your favorite things about your child at this age?





4 responses to “Top 5 best things about having a 1-year-old”

  1. Jennifer Avatar

    Never need a reason to bust a groove and just have a dance party.

    1. Flora Avatar

      Oh that is a great one. We love to put on salsa music and dance. Also, I constantly have on “coffee house” type music instead of the tv (a huge change I am loving since CM was born).

  2. Day Smith Avatar

    My favorite thing is the unconditional love and watching their reaction to each new experience that comes into their lives. What a treat to share that!

    1. Flora Avatar

      You are so right! I can’t believe I didn’t include those. It’s so amazing to see the world through a 1-yr-old’s eyes.

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