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  • Practical life: 1-year-old watering

    Practical life: 1-year-old watering

    I’ve decided to start a new trend of sharing “Montessori Monday” blogs. So, here’s the first! Think a 1-year-old is too young to do things like water the plants? Think again. According to Montessori, this is a perfect age to begin what is called “Practical Life” lessons.  In Montessori, there are 4 main avenues of…

  • Sensitive Periods – The Cue Tips

    Sensitive Periods – The Cue Tips

    First, my connection to Montessori This morning my son demonstrated what Montessori calls a “Sensitive Period”.  I have been learning about Montessori principles over the past three years, thanks to Age of Montessori (based in my hometown of Bozeman).  I completed their 9-month online teacher training course (but I audited it, since I wasn’t planning…