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DIY Plastic Bag Holder for the Nursery


oatmeal container bag holder3If you are like me, with a combination of using cloth and disposable diapers, you end up using a diaper pail and a garbage can (for various reasons.  I’ll spare you the details).  I try to reuse and recycle things whenever possible, so I gather up all the grocery bags used to bag apples, veggies, etc and stuff them in the diaper area of the nursery (above the reach of the little one).  But it was becoming such a mess and eye sore.

So, I did some Pinterest searching and came up with this trick to recycle an oatmeal container into a bag holder.   (more…)

How to make easy thank you cards for a child’s birthday


thank you cards2I have always enjoyed sending Thank You cards.  Mainly, I enjoy the excuse to relive my childhood memories or writing hand-written letters. * I had 3 long-distance pen pals I wrote to throughout grades school. I miss the excitement of getting an envelope in the mail. The only thing I don’t like about sending cards is that they are often SO expensive.

When I don’t have time for crafting, buying cards at the Dollar store is my go-to, but that still leaves you at $1/card. So, here’s an easy way to make your own for about $0.25 / piece.


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