Sometimes I feel like I’m the only mom that has no idea what she is doing

confessions of a 1st time momDo you ever see other moms at the grocery store or at the library and think, “Am I the only mom that seems to have no clue what I’m doing”?  The latest source of this self-talk for me has been gosh darn toddler clothing!
Those things have me baffled. I seriously feel like I’m back in jr high where I certainly had no clue how to dress myself. Side note: I was a major late bloomer in the style department. I got a gift of a cute purse post college from some friends with a small note attached that said, “We see you are still using a backpack”. Anyway, enough about that.
Back to my point. So, I look around at the other kids in public places and think, “My kid is the shabbiest one here. And why don’t I know how to have proper shoes for him?” I have been using some hand-me-down mocasins, but everywhere I go I seem to see children younger than my son wearing supper grown-up looking shoes.  Did I miss something here? When was I supposed to know to buy shoes for a person that mostly walks around our living room all day.  Do you really need shoes for that (and the occasional short stroll around the library).  Am I the only mom in this world that didn’t get the memo that you are supposed to have shoes for toddlers that barely walk?

Seriously, I need some help on this one.  For now, I still feel utterly baffled by this situation and pretty much have decided to just keep having my kid use socks or moccasins until he’s walking everywhere.  But then again, maybe I just have no idea what I’m doing.





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  1. Becca @ The Earthlings Handbook Avatar

    Oh, you are doing fine!! People put shoes on babies because they look cute, not because babies need real shoes. My son didn’t have any until he was 15 months old and started walking outside. In fact, my doctor said wearing shoes while learning to walk can actually damage foot development, so if it’s too cold to go barefoot, baby should wear very soft shoes that shape to the feet, or grippy socks.

    1. Flora Avatar

      Thank you!

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