“Just” a Stay-at-Home Mom

  • Gardening With Young Children

    Gardening With Young Children

    If you haven’t tried gardening with your children, I really recommend it for a number of reasons. Why garden with your children? 1. Gardening is a great opportunity to BE together. Last year a neighbor of mine said she had looked over into our yard with great affection as she saw me gardening with the…

  • Stop Trying to be Perfect

    Stop Trying to be Perfect

    Recently I attended a Circle of Security workshop for parents, and I read the book “Raising a Secure Child”.  It really rocked my world (in the best way possible). Here are some of my “take-aways” that have been helping me enjoy parenting so much more: 1. Let Go of trying to be perfect. Some have…

  • The need to move

    The need to move

    In the past month my little wonderful two year-old has been more two than wonderful.  Having a new little sister arrive has undoubtedly been influencing some of his behaviors, but I also think he has just hit a stage of development were he has a deep need for lots of large motor movement.  After I…

  • Then there were 4

    Then there were 4

    Well, it’s been a long time since I have written a post.  Here is why!  In March we welcomed baby #2 into our family.  Little Eva has already stolen our hearts.  She came into this world at 1pm on a Saturday – giving Dad a full weekend to enjoy her before he had to go…

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