“Just” a Stay-at-Home Mom

  • DIY Felt Alphabet Letters for baby

    DIY Felt Alphabet Letters for baby

    One of my interests, as a stay-at-home mom, is to incorporate Montessori aspects into my son’s environment.  I strive to have his play time be enriching as well as fun.  *You can check out my guests posts as “Parent Coach” on Age of Montessori.  Anyway, around 8 months, I decided I wanted him to have…

  • What is Mindful Parenting?

    What is Mindful Parenting?

    Last night I attended a local parenting workshop on Mindful Parenting.  I got some great take-aways, so I thought I would share them here. Mindful Parenting… 1.  Is NOT about being a perfectly peaceful, tea drinking, yoga mom (or dad). 2.  It is observing, “showing up”/being present with your child, not judging (yourself or your child)…

  • DIY Plastic Bag Holder for the Nursery

    If you are like me, with a combination of using cloth and disposable diapers, you end up using a diaper pail and a garbage can (for various reasons.  I’ll spare you the details).  I try to reuse and recycle things whenever possible, so I gather up all the grocery bags used to bag apples, veggies, etc and…

  • How to survive flying with a toddler

    How to survive flying with a toddler

    Here is my bag of tricks that has helped me have a successful flight with a young toddler.  Our little man has been on 6 trips (17 flights-including all the connections) in his first 12 months of life.  So, I really believe in these tricks:-)  

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