Life Hack: How to prep chicken without a mess

I just learned this trick from my mother-in-law over the Christmas break and it has changed my life! (Sorry.  That might seem a bit dramatic, but I swear I mean it genuinely).  Why?

1. It is a “green” solution because it involves reusing something that would otherwise be thrown away.

2. It makes NO MESS for a cooking task I do at least twice a month.

The secret is simple.  When you finish off a box of cereal, keep the plastic bag to use when you need to pound out a chicken breast.  It’s a thicker kind of waxed paper that works great!cereal bag

DIYpounding chicken





DIY: how to pound chickenMany recipes suggest you use waxed paper around chicken when you pound it, but I find it usually breaks and I end up with raw chicken juice flying everywhere.  And that does NOT work well for a mom cooking with baby close by.  *There are days when I can prep dinner during his afternoon nap, but those days are rare sweet treasures from the mommy gods, so this is super helpful on my “non-blessed” days.

Hope you give it a try and that it changes your life too.;-)








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