Kid-friendly games and activities for your New Year’s Eve party

New years eve with kids

After you’ve read Part 1, on how to set-up for your kid-friendly New Year’s Eve party, you’re ready to Paaaaaarrrrr-tay! (don’t let yo’ mamma know):-)


Here are some easy kid-friendly activities that adults will enjoy too!

1.  Have fun props to get everyone in the party spirit. I have found that fun hats, glasses, and garland (as a boas) work great.hats and glasses for NYE


I had props waiting at the door, so people could choose one right when they came in the door. photo 1

2. Have a NYE themed drawing/coloring table for kids 4-7.  Get some funphoto 2 black paper (I happened to have lined paper, but plain construction paper is great too). Set out colored chalk for drawing.  It’s fun for the kids to color white/pastel on a black surface, and you don’t have to worry about your walls getting marked. Easy clean up! 

3.  Play “Pop the balloons”!  This game is easy.  Blow up enough baloons for every party goer and tie a foot-long string to it.  Then ask each person nye9to tie the opposite end of the balloon to their ankles.  Everyone needs to have shoes off (or all with shoes on.  Mixing does NOT work).:-)  nye4The object of the game is to pop everyone else’s balloon while not getting yours popped.  Last person with a balloon wins. *Or in our case, we just called the last 3 with a balloon “finalists”.  All the finalists won a punch-balloon from Target (Only $3 for a pack of 6). *These are great easy prizes that every kid was excited to receive.  I made sure I had enough balloons to give to 2-3 “winners” and to every kid over the age of 9 months.

4. Take a group picture at “midnight”.  We held our party from 5-8pm since most of the children were under 2 years of age (and have bedtimes around 7-8pm).  We just decided that 7pm would be the “countdown to midnight”. Hey, it’s 12:00 somewhere.  I gave everyone sparkly noisemakers ($1 for a 20 pack from the Dollar Store), and asked everyone to pose in front of the “photo booth”. *Just make sure you ask people in the back not to cover the 2015 New Year’s sign.:-) 10847568_10152981030589345_8977311447461601892_o

Note the disco ball hanging in the window. A must-have.

NYE dancing4. Clear the floor for a dance party! Kids of all ages (especially me) love to dance.  So, pick some upbeat music that’s appropriate for kids (pop stations on Pandora work good), and get the room moving! We had a bit of a NYE kid partyhard time getting some of the guys involved, but that’s where the fun glasses came in handy. One of my guests was being shy so I brought over a pair of the glasses and once she had them on she said outloud, “Somehow these help me not be as nervous to dance”. Yes! Mission accomplished.

5. Families left between 7:45 and 8:30, each taking a parting gift of some sparkler fireworks we had left-over from our wedding. (Was a great idea for our send-off, but the venue said “no go”) 🙁  But you could get really creative, and give out a variety pack of fireworks.  I figured parents could do the sparklers in their driveway when they got home, or use them after the kids had gone to sleep.

Can’t wait to hear how your party goes! And if you like these ideas, please share on Pinterest and Facebook (with the buttons below).







4 responses to “Kid-friendly games and activities for your New Year’s Eve party”

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  2. JAndre Avatar

    Hello from NC, Flora! I wanted to share another great NYE party idea for the early crowd. A friend threw a British themed party and guests rang in the new year with London around 7pm. It’s midnight somewhere, right? 🙂

    1. Flora Avatar

      Hi from Montana! Thanks for sharing. That is a great theme idea. I might have to use that next year:-)

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