How to make easy thank you cards for a child’s birthday

thank you cards2I have always enjoyed sending Thank You cards.  Mainly, I enjoy the excuse to relive my childhood memories or writing hand-written letters. * I had 3 long-distance pen pals I wrote to throughout grades school. I miss the excitement of getting an envelope in the mail. The only thing I don’t like about sending cards is that they are often SO expensive.

When I don’t have time for crafting, buying cards at the Dollar store is my go-to, but that still leaves you at $1/card. So, here’s an easy way to make your own for about $0.25 / piece.

Materials needed (All can be purchased from Joann’s or Michael’s)

  • Thank you cards for kids “Thank You” stamp
  • Stickers from the scrapbooking section
  • Ink pad
  • Cardstock in fun patterns/colors (4.5″ x 6.5″)
  • Rounded Edge Punch
  • Crafting Glue
  • Scissors

To make it easy, I have cardstock that is easily trimmed to fit in an envelope. Also, I have a shoebox of blank white envelopes from random places – they are an easy find at goodwill.  Any time you see blank white envelopes, get them! They are usually like .25 for a bunch.

1. Choose 2 different colors to be the front and back.  Extend one piece of paper a bit over the other and fold it to the back.  Glue and put a weight of some kind on it until it dries.

2. Cut the longer piece of paper to match the shorter piece and trim the sides of the card so it will fit inside your envelope (I have forgotten to do this step in the past, and it’s a major bummer to have to fold a cute card in half to fit in the envelope. doh!) Then use the rounded edge punch to round the corners.

3. Use your Thank You stamp on the front and embellish with stickers

and you have an easy, cute thank you card!

thank you cards 4

4IMG_2461.  For added fun, place your child’s hand on the ink pad to leave a hand print on the inside.  I found family members especially liked this added touch for children that are too young to write their name on the card. *My son is 1, so definitely too young.:-) My mom even wrote me after getting the card and said she was going to frame it, she liked/appreciated it so much!






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