DIY baby mobile

So, the good news is….since my last post, CM has been feeling much better, and has been in a much better mood. Thank goodness!  So I thought I’d share a more light-hearted DIY post today.Happy baby

Since my son was a newborn, mobiles have been a saving grace for changing time.  When he first came home he would scream every time he was changed.  Luckily, when he was 1 month old I went to an awesome child development workshop where we made black and white awesome mobiles.  Thank you Thrive for having such great events for families!DIY infant mobile

DIY infant mobile2DIY infant mobile3

He loved it and was happy nearly every changing time after that (no, really. It was that awesome).  After about 6 months, though, Chunky Monkey (and I) were tired of the same old mobile.  So, I put on my thinking cap and dug through my craft drawer.  I found these sparkly butterflies all in a chain that I had intended to use for my wedding. *I’m sure if you are a crafter you have things like this in your crafting drawers/cupboards, but you could also purchase some interesting things easily at Michaels or Joannes.

Materials needed:

  • Embroidery Hoop ( I used the inside portion of an 8 inch one)
  • Glue Gun
  • Ribbon (To decorate the hoop and for hanging the mobile)
  • items to hang from the hoop for decoration
  • Hook Eyes 


1.  Attach the decorative items to the embroidery hoop with the hot glueinfant mobile gun. *Make sure you position the items so the child can see them clearly while lying on the changing table.  It’s my pet peeve when mobiles are beautiful for the adults (standing next to the mobile), but completely uninteresting to the child lying below.  In my case, the items were already on a string, so I just attached each end to a side of the embroidery hook.  If you have items that aren’t connected to one another, glue a piece of yarn to the item and then attach the other end to the embroidery hoop by tying or gluing.

2.  Cut 4 strings of yarn (about 2 feet long if your ceiling is high), and tie one end to the hoop at 4 equally dispersed places around the hoop. Group the other ends of all the yarn strings together in a knot that can then loop around the Hook eye.infant mobile

3.  Glue decorative ribbon around the embroidery hoop so that you don’t see the ends of the yarnstrings that are tied around it.

16223939771_cccd82b123_z4.  Hang your mobile from a hook eye in your ceiling, over the changing table and enjoy! *Remember to make the length of the mobile short enough that your child can never reach it, even if standing on the changing table (I stand my son up on it to put his pants on sometimes).  infantmobile

Hope it improves your diaper time as much as it’s improved mine.  I’d love to hear from you if there are other things you’ve done to improve diaper time.






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