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I am a post-career SAHM (Stay-at-home mom), living in Bozeman Montana. I share stories and ideas from parenting with a Montessori and Positive Discipline inspired perspective. Also, I LOVE DIY projects and finding great ways to use thrift store or hand-made toys for my little ones.
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Today I threw poop at the wall!

confessions of a 1st time mom

confessions of a 1st time momOh boy. Today was…funny.  I was getting my son into the bath and quickly took off his diaper while he was standing.  I had changed him so recently I just assumed there wasn’t anything in there. I bundled the diaper in a heap and left it on the ground.  When bath time was done, I picked up the diaper and swung my arm as I walked out of the room.  Just then, the edge of the diaper (that had been folded over), swung open and I hear a “thud” against the wall.  Yep!  To my horror, I looked at the wall I had just passed and saw a giant brown spot and a turd lying on the bathroom floor.


It was definitely one of those moments where I thought to myself, “OK. This is my life now.”:-)

Can you relate? I’d love to hear some fellow cringe-worthy moments.

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